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14-03.21 - Art of Silence
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• Top (Big Bang) / Park Bom (2NE1)
• Non-AU ; ~550 words ; PG rated
• Still not beta read
• A companion piece to [ profile] tabi's drabble ♥ I am not 100% satisfied with this (at all) and might come back with some modifications, but for now it keeps the fingers working.

It was an entirely new kind of game with her. )
13-08.03 - Apples and Mint
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• Top (Big Bang) / Park Bom (2NE1)
• Non-AU ; ~1100 words ; PG rated
• Not beta read, as usual
• Prompt: "The only ones awake at 3am are the lonely and the loved." (which this doesn't cover entirely, if at all, but that had been the initial thought)

He snuck an arm around her sleeping form and found the gesture coming as naturally to him as weaving letters into lyrics. )
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• Top (Big Bang) / Park Bom (2NE1)
• Non-AU ; 150~900 words each ; mixed ratings
• unbeta'd drabbles, all connected and chronological

The initial request was to showcase his perspective on their relationship, yet since I'm horribly at deciding which point in time to use I ended up picking several (loosely based on this as prompt material). And now it's basically an entire fic of their relationship stages, just without the necessary verbal glue between each part.

With special thanks to a certain hubby♥ For much support and even more ideas.

A Little Vague (~400 words ; G) )

From Zero to One Hundred Thirty (~930 words ; PG) )

Lady Luck (~150 words ; G) )

Hot and Cold (~500 words ; G) )

Dessert (~480 words; G) )
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• Top (Big Bang) / Park Bom (2NE1)
• Non-AU ; ~2100 words ; PG rated
• confused, ranty and unbeta'd!
• Following a certain hubby's request for a little spark of Park Bom jealousy and a promise to myself to keep it entirely crack-free.

Bom remembers there being a lot of No Work Wednesdays )
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